Tuduhan Rasuah dan Korupsi Ananda Krishnan: YB William Leong Jawab Menteri


19 OKTOBER 2011

YB William Leong’s statement on allegations made against Ananda Krishnan

I refer to the article published in the Sun newspaper today that Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culture, Dato Joseph Salang said Malaysian authorities will not take action to investigate the bribery and corruption allegations made by the Indian authorities against T. Ananda Krishnan.

The Deputy Minister is quoted to have said that no investigations will be conducted because the telecommunication industry in Malaysia is very transparent.

I wish to remind the Deputy Minister that the issue is not whether the Malaysian industry is transparent but whether the Malaysian authorities will tolerate Malaysian businessmen committing bribery and corruption inside or outside Malaysia.

The Malaysian parliament has given Malaysian authorities under section 66 of the MACC Act to charge and convict Malaysians who commit corrupt practices outside the country.

The failure by Malaysian authorities to enforce section 66 MACC Act shows that the Najib administration is not serious in combating bribery and corruption. In fact the Deputy Minister’s statement renders section 66 a dead letter.

I call on the Najib Administration to ask the relevant authorities to investigate the bribery and corruption allegations and show that it has the resolve to combat this offences.

William Leong Jee Keen
Member of Parliament
19 October 2011

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