Saiful Bukhari’s evidence is fraught with contradictions

Saiful Bukhari(PW 1)
The Complainant(Saiful Bukhari) is not a witness of truth by any stretch of the imagination. He is a compulsive and a consummate liar. His evidence is fraught with; inter alia, contradictions, incongruous statements and ambivalence, to say the least:

Tawakal Hospital – half day.
When cross examined by Defence Counsel on the reasons why he was not examined in Tawakal Hospital, his reason was that he was told by the receptionist that the hospital was operating on a half day on that day. Excerpts of his evidence are reproduced below:

Soalan: Adakah kamu mendapatkan pemeriksaan di sana?
Jawapan: Saya tidak dapat, kerana dimaklumkan oleh Receptionist di
hospital tersebut pada hari tersebut half day”

– Surely this cannot be true as it is common knowledge that Tawakal Hospital or any private hospital for that matter does not operate on a half day on a Saturday, more so the emergency department (ER) which operates on a 24 hours basis, 365 days a year. It is worth noting that PW1 proceeded to the emergency department when he went to Hospital Pusrawi and Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL). As such, it is obvious that he would have also gone to the ER Department of Tawakal Hospital. Moreover, it is common policy in all hospitals where when the outpatients depart close for some reasons, all patients who seek treatment will be automatically referred to the ER Departments.


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